Astrology – This Weeks Stars

This weeks stars What do your stars hold for this week?

As Venus moves through Capricorn and is buffeted around in the skies this week, expect to feel action and movement wherever you have Capricorn in your chart.

Here’s where the energies are highest (and where you have the most clearing out to do, thanks to Pluto being in the same part of the skies).

  • Aries: career
  • Taurus: travel and study
  • Gemini: sex and money
  • Cancer: love life
  • Leo: work routines
  • Virgo: kids, romance and creativity
  • Libra: home and family
  • Scorpio: the way you think
  • Sagittarius: cash, possessions and property
  • Capricorn: your whole life!
  • Aquarius: dreams and fears
  • Pisces: friends

Hopefully, as Venus makes harmonious connections you’ll feel as if you can detox and start again. Keep in mind that Pluto is the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

It’s also all about romance with Venus. Today might be tricky for dealing with someone unpredictable, but by Tuesday you’ll be able to kiss and make up. Wednesday night and Thursday morning are downright sexy, so spend quality time with someone!

You may also have your buttons pushed now. This is a good thing as it will help you decide what you will put up with – something we all need to do as we move towards enlightenment.

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