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Calabasas, CA (PRWEB) June 14, 2012, Californias designated Premier Partner & Managing General Agency for Anthem Blue Cross is working to educate individuals and families including those on Medicare about the constantly changing health insurance market on both the federal level as well as California state specific., Californias designated Premier Partner and Managing General Agency for Anthem Blue Cross is working to educate both existing members and those who are interested in enrolling that they will have maternity benefits included in their coverage this July. California legislators passed SB 222 in September 2011 which will be implemented this coming month. The federal Health Care Reform Act also includes this requirement but the trigger date wouldnt be until 2014 assuming the Supreme Court doesnt turn it over.

This mandated benefit like others will increase cost but the increase may be offset by reduced expenditures in government programs such as AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers) for mothers without maternity benefits. The premium increase has been passed on by most carriers this last increase and the increase attributed to the mandate is in the 5% neighborhood. Women in childbearing years will be very happy to pay the additional 5% as health insurance policies in California didnt include maternity, had very large deductibles, or were very expensive. With the legislation, the increase in maternity claims will be spread out by all of those who have an insurance policy as opposed to only those buy a policy that includes the maternity coverage.

This concept highlights the economic importance of the requirement in the Federal Health Care Reform Act that all people purchase health insurance. If people could buy it at any time without a pre-existing condition waiting period then there would be no incentive to purchase a policy while youre healthy. Stronger teeth in the Health Care Reform Act would serve it well: For example larger penalties for failure to purchase a policy and a waiting period for pre-existing conditions. Like the Maternity Mandate which keeps the increase to a minimum if everyone shares the burden, individual policies are relatively inexpensive if purchased while one is healthy. Individual policies are actually less money than most small group plans. People who dont have an insurance policy should purchase one while theyre healthy as in todays environment an individual policy may either be unavailable or very costly if one has certain health conditions.


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