Candida Yeast Infection Self Tests

Candida When diseases affect sensitive, delicate and private parts of the body, infected individuals are hesitant to visit the doctor and seek medical attention.  This is despite the fact that the symptoms are already disturbing and at the same time causing great discomfort.  One example of this disease is hemorrhoids which can cause so much pain and discomfort in the anal area.  Persons with hemorrhoids would even endure the unbearable pain instead of being subjected to embarrassment.  This also happens to those with Candida yeast infection.  Candidiasis mainly affects the warm, moist, and dark areas of the body.  The private parts that are mostly affected are the anus, vagina, penis and skin folds under the breasts.  For those not used to being under the close scrutiny of doctors, the examination itself could already be an ordeal.

Many are grateful therefore for the advent of yeast infection self-tests that may be done in the comfort of their homes.  For those who experience minor symptoms, with these self tests, they need not immediately ran to their physicians.  The most well-known as well as widely recognized is the spit test.  It may be done by following this easy and simple procedure.  First thing in the morning, without any food or fluid intake, gather enough amount of saliva and spit it into a glass full of water.  After which, observe the behavior of your saliva for a period of 15 minutes to one hour.  If within such time, small strings or string like projections appear and seems to be travelling downward from the saliva, it is an indication that you are positive for yeast infection.  Another indication is when cloudy specks appears to be hanging or the saliva which has turned cloudy settles at the bottom of the glass.

The spit test has many advocates and supporters who are vocal about its efficacy and accuracy.  In order to confirm the result of the test however, a self evaluation through a series of questions regarding signs and symptoms may also be conducted.  A number of these questionnaires may be found on the internet.  To be able to have a better evaluation, try to group these symptoms into those that are behavioral, gastrointestinal, emotional, immune-related, symptoms that are specific to men and women and skin and joint problems.  If after the evaluation, you discover that you have experienced a great number of these symptoms coupled with a positive result of the spit test, yeast infection is indeed your problem.

Another easy self-test that you may try is through a self examination.  Try to examine the affected area especially those irritated parts and those which itch frequently.  This is the time to know your body more by knowing the changes it has undergone.  Try to notice too if you have unusual cravings for sweets and how frequent these cravings occur.  One factor that promotes Candida Albicans to grow and populate in the body is high levels of blood sugar.  This is precisely the reason why they leave happily in diabetic patients.  These tests can protect you from the more alarming Candida Albicans symptoms.  Help yourself and take the test now.

About the author: Alice Pavlou is a medical representative of Aegis Pharmaceuticals in Cyprus.  She conducts lay forums for her target patients and talks about the importance of disease awareness.

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