How to write an affirmation

Affirmations are a way for you to change your beliefs that may be holding you back. A well written affirmation can help you to get the outcomes that you desire. Even though we may not be consciously aware of the fact we talk to ourselves all day. If you don’t take control of this self- talk it can easily become negative. These are negative affirmations such as “I’m not a confident person” Or “I’m going to fail” that need to be replaced with positive affirmations. This article will show you how to create your own positive affirmations. 

Make Sure You Are Addressing the Core Issue

When we write our affirmation we have to make sure that we are addressing the real issue. What you see as the problem you want to remedy may only be a symptom of a more underlying problem. For example you may say you want a raise of $50 a week, but perhaps the real issue is one of your own sense of self-worth. With a greater sense of self-worth you are far more likely to be able to ask for a salary that reflects your true value.

Write your affirmations in the present tense

For example “I now weigh 70 kilograms” is in the present tense in contrast “I am going to weigh 70 kilograms” is not. The difference is important because your mind doesn’t know exactly when this is going to take place if you put it in the future tense then it may take a long time for it to come.

Affirmations have to be about you meaning that you cannot write affirmations about other people. For example an affirmation that does not focus on you would be “My employees are a hardworking, diligent and always on time.” A better affirmation would be “I lead people to accomplish all that they can with passion and excitement.” Remember this is self-improvement you need to change yourself first before you can change those around you.

Make your affirmations energetic

Include words such as passionate, excited, and delighted in your affirmations. A good affirmationshas force. Find the words that are right for you and that will drive you on to achieve your outcome. Another important point is that your affirmation must be positive. Never write what you don’t want only write what you do want. If you are having trouble identifying exactly what it is that you do want, first write down what it is that you don’t want. For example “I don’t want to be fat and unhealthy” The opposite is that you want to be thin and healthy, this is the affirmation you should use.

Finally when you say your affirmation use visualisation. In your mind see the outcome as if it has already come to pass. Your mind cannot differentiate between what is in your mind and what is real. If you visualise with regularity and intensity then eventually your mind has no choice but to close the gap between external reality and your current situation. 

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