Is This The Easiest Way To Give Up Smoking?

Smoking is a nasty habit people often try and just as often fail to quit. Nicotine gums offer smokers a way to get that stimulant without the harsh smoke, but they taste as bad as one might imagine, containing nicotine and all. Patches are a little less effective at curbing cravings but more widely available and most are easy to apply, needing only to be stuck on an arm or leg and then forgotten.

eCigs offer an experience very similar to smoking, with none of the foul odors, burn holes, yellow fingers or other side effects to smoking authentic cigarettes. All three of these are good ways to get off cigarettes, but which one is the easiest?

The Patch

As far as ease of use goes, patches take the top. Nicotine patches work like other patches, by slowly releasing a steady stream of a substance, the stimulant found in tobacco in this case, into the user’s bloodstream. They are most often applied to an inner arm or leg where the blood flow is greatest in a person because that will allow the nicotine to be absorbed most rapidly by the rest of the body.
It works, albeit slowly. This gradual release of nicotine is nothing like the sudden surge smokers get from lighting up a cigarette and taking a deep breath though; heavy smokers will notice this immediately. This is one of the big selling points pushing nicotine gum which was available only by prescription as recently as the mid 1980s.

Chewing Gum

Gum is different from the patches because it allows the user to really satisfy a bad craving when they come up by taking more than one piece of gum at a time. This isn’t exactly a recommended practice but if it keeps a person from pulling out a pack while doing no real harm, it’s at the user’s discretion. These days gums typically come in either 2mg or 4mg sizes, each of which yields about half that amount to people who chew the gum as directed.
That’s like a cigarette or two and takes about as long to “smoke”, 30 minutes for the 4mg or two cigarette piece of gum. As mentioned above, the taste leaves much to be desired; even flavored nicotine gum is no treat. For those who want to quit inhaling cancerous carbon while still enjoying cigarettes, eCigs are the best answer.

Electronic Cigarettes

Switching to electronic cigarettes might be the easiest move to quit available on the market right now. They’re just like smoking real cigarettes but the nasty smell of cigarette smoke and sepia-toned, nicotine-stained walls smokers hate will all be things of the past.
There are too many manufacturers to list here but starter kits containing an electronic cigarette and the cartridges which make them work usually runs about $25. That’s more than a week of smoking for someone used to going through a pack a day.
Perhaps best of all, smokers don’t need to go outside or feel excluded when they do what they enjoy doing anymore – because there is no harmful smoke, eCigs are legal inside most businesses where tobacco smoke has been banned. While those other methods ask for sacrifice, eCigs actually give smokers incentives to quit.

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Rachel Connor is a freelance writer and ex-smoker. After switching to electronic cigarettes, with the help of, she is now passionate about writing advice for those who want to stop too.

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