LiftingRevolution Relaunched By Top Women’s Trainer Taylor Ryan To Solve Today’s Current Weight Loss Confusion

Women these days are bashed, smashed, and crashed with diet, fitness, and health advice. But that’s the biggest problem, it’s just advice. And everyday on TV’s biggest shows and the industries biggest magazines, there is a new workout, new diet, new routine of living to experiment with. In a matter of just one week, a woman will have 5 different workouts to try, 5 different ways to eat, and 5 different ways to schedule her day how is that supposed to work?

Taylor says it doesn’t. That’s why women aren’t getting any significant results. But that’s all going to change.

Taylor Ryan is an NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She’s been blogging on for a couple years, but was inspired to grow both the site and her audience to new levels. Taylor not only trains women in her home town of Charleston, SC but she also has an online training site. Needless to say she see and hears it all.

While shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors provide really good information, it’s concentrated on really short tips and tricks. That is what creates attention and brings in an audience for advertisers. It’s the unfortunate reality of television shows.

But it’s these same tricks and tips that cause women more harm than good. “I work with women that need to lose over 50 pounds fairly often.” says Taylor. “They come in for a workout and realize how out of shape they are and it discourages them greatly. Many of them will not comeback for training saying they will just try Raspberry Keytones or some other fat burning like that. It’s really sad because it’s not going to work and these women will remain frustrated.”

So Taylor has invigorated her blog and her Facebook Page to help women understand the fat loss fundamentals. “It’s working out. It’s nutrition. It’s community and having fun with women that share a passion for living healthy,” says Taylor. It’s one proven healthy living lifestyle. Not a mash of a million different fad workouts and diets. It’s focused and it works.

At one point in time, Taylor was 32 pounds overweight. She lost it all and even entered into a figure competition going all the way down to only 103 pounds. She’s been to both extremes. “Women these days not only have a distorted outlook on being healthy because of these quick tips and tricks but they try to follow fitness models and their recommendations. These women don’t fully understand what goes into looking really good for a photo shoot and how unnatural everything is.”

Taylor hopes to continue the growth of and make it a premiere blog for real women to connect and learn how to live a real healthy lifestyle based on fundamentals that always produce results. Taylor says that living a healthy lifestyle is fun and energizing. It’s not tedious like women are lead to believe. So stop by her blog, say hello, and learn and be inspired by women burning fat everyday.

About LiftingRevolution and Taylor: is a women’s fitness, nutrition, cooking, and motivational living blog. Taylor Ryan writes the posts on the blog daily. She runs it with her husband who helps her out in supporting roles. She is an expert trainer, nutrition consultant, and health writer. Contact Taylor today if you want to interview her, have her write for your publication or business, or proved workouts and nutrition plans.

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