Power Foods For A Beautiful Smile

Power Foods The New Year is here, which means it is time to put your health in to full focus. Eating the right food is important for a healthy diet. The type of food you eat is very important for your waistline, for your smile and your overall health. Many people don’t think about the food they eat and it’s affect on their mouth and smile.

Eat these foods to feel better and make 2013 your healthiest year yet.

Chia seeds

This is an ancient super food that has just made its way into mainstream health arenas. Chai seeds are from the Mayans and Aztecs, they would use it to provide extra energy and strength. Chia seeds have been called Indiana running food.

Chia seeds are so popular because they are a complete source of protein which means they have more than twice the amount of any other seed or even a grain. Chia seeds are full of calcium, which can help improve your bone structure and tooth density. They are super high in omega-3 and omega 6, and they are powerful antioxidants.


Since your body is made of 75% water, it is important to drink as much water as possible. This will help alleviate any body aches and pains. Water will keep you hydrated and improve your oral health.

Water acts as a natural mouthwash, which can help you remove food particles and bacteria build up in your mouth this eventually can lead to less cavities and tooth decay.


This little green foodis a great source of potassium, and vitamin C. They are a great recipe addition. Paired perfectly with any meal. Whether you top your eggs and omelets with them or put them on your salad or soups in the evening it’s as healthy fat. Avocados are loaded with monosaturated fat, which is the type of fat that is considered good for you, it can help lower bad cholesterol.

There are many types of foods that you can add into your diet. For extra health chooses foods that you enjoy. This will not only improve your well-being but it will help you feel better in you skin. Pick foods that taste good. The more healthy habits you practice the more healthier you will be. Your health matters and the steps you take daily will make a difference for you overall health. Visit your doctor and dentist for more health tips for a healthy happy new smile.

For more health tips visit the Doctors at TenderCare Dental, a Dentist in Milwaukie, OR. Shannon Kaiser is a wellness writer.

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