Slim Spa Medical Announces New Weight Loss hCG Diet Plans Available With New Telemedicine Offering

Medical Weight Loss Slim Spa Medical announces new weight loss hCG diet plans available with new telemedicine offering weight loss in a unique way that helps patients keep losing weight successfully.

Medical weight loss often relies on doctors and support staff to help the patient with questions, medication administering and weight loss product sales. This business model works for sick people going to their primary care or specialist doctor, but it doesn’t work for dieting. The reason is when a dieter experiences a weight loss slow down, the patient should not have to wait for the physical location to have an opening, but the patient should get his/her questions answered that day in order to continue losing weight.

Slim Spa Medical developed a new way of providing medical weight loss through an innovative telemedine program that brings the doctors, nurses and support staff to the patients (in states that allow) via telemedicine. This is done via Skype or telephone and with the patient completing a comprehensive health questionnaire. The patient receives more care than they would if they visited a clinic location. This is because establishing the doctor-patient relationship is done by Skype or phone and the doctor spends double the time with the patient asking questions relevant to losing weight while personalizing a diet specific to each person.

What is Rx HCG Diet? The Rx stands for prescription and Rx HCG is the pure HCG hormone from a compound mixing pharmacy. Rx HCG is a schedule three drug and requires a doctors prescription to obtain it legally in the US. HCG weight loss patients can go to a physical clinic that offers a medically supervised Rx HCG Diet or opt to do the Rx HCG Diet via telemedicine. So what are the pros and cons of each option?

Rx HCG Clinic Pros are being able to physically go to a location to view the legitimacy of the medical facilities. Id doubt one would be willing to spend a lot of money to get a small vial of HCG and syringes from a shady clinic office. Another benefit would be to have a face to face consultation with a doctor to go over the diet and answer any concerns. However, the cons would be the time and travel issue of constantly going into the clinic for follow up visits which busy working patients have a hard time doing.

Rx HCG Telemedicine Pros are being able to do the doctors consultation via Skype or the phone so this saves patients time and the hassle of physically going to a clinic. Another benefit would be that follow up visits are eliminated and Diet Doc who offers Rx HCG Diet via telemedicine include unlimited medical support to doctors, nurses and weight loss coaches 6 days per week. The con would be a leap of faith that the Rx HCG Telemedicine Company is legitimate and trustworthy.

That being said, Diet Doc offered both clinic and telemedicine for the Rx HCG Diet two years ago. They had thirty clinic locations across the country but noticed only 50% of the patients were rapidly losing weight. After Diet Doc audited the patients, they found out that the patients were too busy to go to a clinic for follow ups or for any issues during their diet. Or the patients could only go after work and most clinics close at 6 pm. What does one do? Not to mention clinics charge patients for every visit. So patients ended up dropping out as they didnt have time to take off work to go to a clinic. Since then, Diet Doc has completely remodeled their Rx HCG Diet offering a telemedicine modernized custom HCG diet per patient created by nutritionist for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and those with hypertension to name a few. With the changes in place they noticed an astounding 100% success rate!

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