The Digital Age: Are Playing Video Games and Viewing Computer Screens Affecting Youthful Eyes? Vision Concepts Introduces Protective Gamer Glasses

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Consider this, approximately 90%of the nations 65 million school-age children use computers daily and a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study found that children ages 8 to 18 spend an average of 7.5 hours a day consuming electronic media. Twenty years ago most of these digital devices didn’t exist. Kids are experiencing what their computer working parents have for years in the workplace, the irritated dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, all symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.Computer-related eye problems are by now familiar to workplace health experts. As early as 1997 an Occupational Safety and Health Administration pamphlet states that “Visual problems such as eyestrain and irritation are among the most commonly reported complaints by [computer screen] operators,”

“It’s been well-documented that over 70% of computer-using adults suffer from a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS, which is caused by staring at computer images, or pixels, for hours at a time,” said Dr. Pia Hoenig., Chief of the Binocular Vision Clinic at UC/Berkeley “We know now that CVS also affects children, many of whom have used computers since before they could walk”

The bigger issue for children is that their eyes are still developing and there is a strong correlation between children who spend many hours on computers and premature myopia (nearsightedness),

What should a parent do?

Observe your children when using a computer or a handheld game, are they rubbing their eyes, squinting or having trouble changing vision fields? Ask them if theyre experiencing any symptoms. Children will generally not complain about vision problems especially if theyre engaged in an activity they enjoy. If they are aware of the symptoms, they may think its normal, or be afraid that if they mention CVS symptoms, time on the computer or handheld game may be curtailed. Limiting time on electronic devices will minimize the development of Photosensitivity and vision problems.Over the counter or custom made eye wear should be worn to protect youthful eyes from the artificial light emitted by the average computer or gaming device. Providing a more comfortable viewing experience will cause the eye to relax eliminating the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome/Digital Eye Fatigue and reduce the potential for future vision conditions.

Vision Concepts International is a specialty eyewear company with over 30 years of international manufacturing experience. VCI produces high quality, affordable, over the counter digital protective eye wear. Eye wear lines include, Gamers Edge, high performance gaming glasses with protective lens filters, iVisionwear, digital protection eye wear with special lens filters that reduce digital glare and increase visual acuity and screen viewing comfort. Computer Eyed, optically designed computer readers with anti-glare coating and bifocal lens that corrects for both reading( close,8-12) and computer(mid-range 14-30) vision and Go Green! Readers, eco-friendly reading glasses made with recycled materials

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