What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is based on the fact that all humans have the same basic neurological system. The neurological system transmits information that you receive from your environment through your senses to your body. The environment in this sense means not only those things which are most obviously external such as the buildings are you or other people but also means your organs such as your stomach or your eyes.

Your brain receives information. This information is processed and then messages are transmitted to your organs. Not only this but the information that you receive will cause you to feel a certain way. To make you feel joy, or to make you cry and or to laugh.

NLP states that your ability to do anything in life that you want to do be that run a marathon or talk in front of a class is dependent on how you respond to external factors through your nervous system. NLP is based around communication. It is about how to communicate more effectively with yourself and with others.

NLP is built on four foundational elements these are as follows.

Sensory Awareness

Some of us go through our lives without paying much attention to our sensory awareness. What NLP does is show us the importance of our sensory perceptions, whether is the things that you see, the things you hear, or taste or smell. Our sensory perceptions are important and NLP will teach you how to use these for your benefit.

Outcome thinking

Outcome thinking is concerned with thinking about the outcomes that you want rather than getting stuck in a negative problem mode of thinking. It will teaching you to think about the outcome you wish to achieve. Be that a school assignment you want to get an A in or perhaps something larger like your life’s meaning.


This is about how you build a relationship with not only others but yourself. It is also probably one of the most important things that NLP can teach you. It will give you a framework to manage your relationships with other people effectively.

Behavioural Flexibility

This is about realising something isn’t working and switching your approach. Being able to be flexible is a key tool in NLP.

These four foundational elements are not used in isolation however. You will learn with NLP how to use them effectively together to get the results you desire.

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